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Senator Elder Anyim Ude – Tribute How does one begin to talk about someone with so many great and Admirable qualities. Truly a gentleman and a social giant. Distinguished Elder Anyim Ude always wore his social and societal rank with such simplicity and admirable dignity. When l met the Distinguished Elder close to 20 years ago, l immediately Admired his readily Gentle, inviting and wise disposition. He had an ability to Put people of all ages at ease in conversations. The Distinguished Elder genuinely loved people and was always eager to To be of assistance whenever he felt he could, l believe so many people Will testify to this. The Senator’s counsel was regularly sought by both the young and the elderly And he never failed to give wise and rounded counsel. The Distinguished Elder was also a loving family man. He, together with his loving wife, Have been able to raise very disciplined and successful children ( adults now, of course) Of good repute in their different spheres of life. Children with great regards and love For their parents. You could sense this anytime you were with The Distinguished and any Of his children including his in-laws. Senator, Elder Anyim Ude was a role model and mentor to many, including me. The Distinguished Elder lived an exemplary and fulfilled life. He left indelible footprints in The sands of time. Suffice it to say, as in our local folklore, an Iroko has fallen and the forest feels it. Farewell Senator Anyim Ude. May your soul Rest in Peace. Charles Ojo

Charles E Ojo
Real Estate Development & Investment Advisory at Eccoh Trends Realty Co. Ltd Friend of the Family

TRIBUTE In loving memory of the late Distinguished Senator Ayim Ude. We honor and pay tribute to a remarkable man who played an instrumental role in shaping not only the life of his children and immediate family but also the lives of countless others. As a father, the late Senator Ayim Ude was an epitome of love, guidance, and unwavering support. His dedication to his family was unmatched, and his wisdom and guidance served as a guiding light for his children. He instilled in them the values of integrity, hard work, and compassion, laying the foundation for their future success. Beyond the boundaries of his family, the late Senator Ayim Ude's impact reverberated throughout society. As a public figure, he served with distinction, bringing his unique blend of intelligence, integrity, and empathy to the forefront. His strong moral compass and unwavering commitment to justice and equality earned him the respect and admiration of colleagues and constituents alike. The late Senator Ayim Ude's legacy extends far beyond his political career. He was a pillar of strength and a source of inspiration to those around him. His kindness, generosity, and willingness to lend a helping hand left an indelible mark on the lives he touched. His dedication to public service was matched only by his deep-rooted desire to make a positive difference in the lives of others. Whether it was advocating for social justice, championing educational initiatives, or fighting for the rights of the marginalized, he always stood on the side of what was right and just. Today, as we mourn the loss of a great man, let us also celebrate the profound impact he had on our lives. The late Senator Ayim Ude will be remembered not only for his accomplishments but also for the love and kindness he shared with those fortunate enough to know him. We extend our deepest condolences to our dear friend Dr. Ngozi Ndukwe and the entire family during this difficult time. May the memories of the late Senator Ayim Ude bring comfort and strength, and may his legacy continue to inspire us all to strive for a better and more compassionate world. Rest in eternal peace esteemed late Senator Ayim Ude. You will be deeply missed and forever cherished in our hearts. Pastor Emmanuel Nsubong For FOGMMON, FCT ASSEMBLY, ABUJA

Dr. Emmanuel Nsubong
Clergy at FOGMMON Friend

TRIBUTE TO MY MENTOR/FATHER Thank you for your sacrifice, care and concern to our life and family. You may have passed on, but your memories would always live on within us. Your love and advice will always be our guide, as you are already seated in the Bossom of our Lord, we will be forever grateful and thankful to you, THE GREAT OKEMINI. DADDY, Your life was full of integrity, standard policy and loving deeds, Though we'll miss you dearly, but we'll not forget you, We will always love and cherish you daddy. ADIEU!!! Our master, Our mentor, Our adviser, Our role model, Rest in peace the Distinguished. Till we meet to part no more.

Mr. & Elder (Mrs) Walter Iruka Nworu WIN Family.
Civil Servant at Ebonyi State Government Family

Distinguished Daddy, as Ngo will fondly call you, you will be greatly missed. I got to know you through your last daughter Ngozi, who I became friend with in 1992 when we met at Holy Rosary Umuahia. Your doors remained open to most of us simply because we are Ngozi's friend. Thank you for all that you represent to so many of us . Thank you for living and for being. Good night Daddy

Sharon Ogbeyalu Onuoha
Business Manager at AGON PLACE LIMITED Ikoyi Lagos Friend of the Family

My Grandpa is someone that I will forever look up to and see as a role model. He was always there for me no matter what the situation was. He always gave me the best advice and he always looked out for me with so much love. I recall last year when I was going to visit a friend in Ezzamgbo and I needed a face cap I immediately rushed to meet my grandpa to ask for one of his face caps and he told me “Naza Naza you can take any face cap you like as long as it will make you happy you can even take more than one” My grandpa always wanted the best for me and was ready to do all it takes to make me happy. He was really my best friend. I will really miss our breakfast conversations and all the chicken and soup he always gave me. Every time I was returning to Abuja after visiting Ebonyi he would always give me a gift to take back. I will never forget all my Grandpa has done for me and i’ll forever be grateful to God for blessing me with a grandfather like Senator Elder Anyim Ude. Continue to rest with God grandpa. I love you so much 🤍 ~Naza Naza

Nnenna Chinazaekpere Okorie Ndukwe (Naza Naza)
Grand Daughter at Anyim Ude Dynasty Family

I got to know Daddy Anyim Ude as I usually refer to him way back in 2015 and since then, a father-and child-relationship has existed between us. This relationship would not stop even when I officially stopped working for Agon Place Limited in 2018. Daddy saved my name in his phone with "Ben Assistant." Daddy would always call on me if he had any issues with his phones, from when he was using Nokia E-series Symbian phones to when he changed to Android phones. Daddy was down to earth yet humble as he would call me his teacher because I was teaching him how to use Android phones, especially WhatsApp App, among others, and he would take notes of each step we went through as he has a jotter dedicated to our lectures, LOL! Daddy respected people irrespective of his age and status. Daddy would call me and ask, "Ben, are you in town or have you traveled to the village, Benin or Port Harcourt? Daddy knew most of the places I would travel to if I was not in town. If I say, "Yes Daddy, I travelled, I would reply. He would ask me when I am returning and if I could come to check his phone(s) and know why his WhatsApp was not working properly. Daddy rarely allows anyone to touch his phone if he has issues with them but prefers I come to check them out. Daddy never joked with time or appointment(s) and took note of your spoken English to correct you where necessary. Our relationship grew to the point that I knew all of Daddy's children and had spoken with them either physically, on the phone or both. Daddy is one loving father I admire, as he speaks to almost all his children daily. Also, he was an outstanding husband, as I don't think that he would do anything without Mummy knowing about it. Infact, if you think you want to visit him without Mummy knowing, he will pick up the phone without you knowing who he wants to call and call Mummy to inform her of your presence. Daddy had very sound memory even in old age as he would take me through all aspects of his life from the days of humble beginnings to where he was at that time, explaining every picture and event relating to them to me. Daddy was one man I know that was very passionate about seeing an Ebonyi State that worked for all. He would take me through how they fought for the creation of Ebonyi and how he came back to serve Ebonyi after her creation. Daddy was truly Distinguished Elder Senator Anyim Ude because he was a distinctive politician. Daddy would keenly discuss politics with me at the national, state and even local government levels as he would ask me, "Ben, what is happening in your village?" Just know that before he asks you that, he already has first-hand information about the happenings. Daddy, I will greatly miss you as you have left a vacuum that can't be filled. Rest well, Distinguished; rest well, Daddy Anyim Ude, until the resurrection morning.

Ben Okorie
Freelancer at Fiverr Friend of the Family

The news of the call to glory of Senator (Elder) C. Ude, Media icon and former Zone 'E' Chairman of BON came as rude shock to the Chairman and the membership of the Broadcasting Organisations of Nigeria. The documentary evidences in the BON Secretariat revealed the unprecedented efforts of Senator Anyim C. Ude at rescuing the Broadcasting Organisations of Nigeria from being moribund in the season of great challenges. He was among the very few Broadcasters the founded BON to serve as the rallying point for all broadcast media houses in the country. Senator Ude served the organisation in various capacity including Member, Central Working Committee between 1987-1997; Chairman, Zone 'E' comprising all the States in the South East geopolitical zone between 1993-1997. He used all within his disposal to ensure the stability of BON and joined others to ensure its survival till date. On behalf of the General Assembly of BON of which he was a member for many years, I commiserate with the family of our Elder Statesman Senator ANYIM C.UDE on his call to eternal glory by his Creator. While praying for the repose of his soul, it is our believe that God will grant the family and his professional associates the fortitude to bear the irreparable loss in Jesus name. Please accept our condolences with emotional feelings.

Dr. Yemisi Bamgbose
Executive Secretary at Broadcasting Organisations of Nigeria, FCT, Abuja Colleague

Elder was a rare combination of strength, resilience and adorable lover of God. His wisdom illuminates. He was zestful in words and action. Aduie Elder Anyim.

Rita Okwuchi Inegbu (Nee Wilcox)
Public Servant at Energy Commission of Nigeria, Abuja Colleague

The Late Elder Anyim Ude was a Boss and Father rolled into one. I started my career in Broadcasting when he was the Director General of the State owned Radio/Television Station. He loved hardworking people and never hesitated in rewarding hard work. He made every one of us to realize that dedication to and perfection in your assignment are the gateways to elevation; no shortcuts. His stern demeanor always had everyone in check. We however found out how compassionate he could be; a father and considerate boss. This explained the lovely family he has and the most amazing wife and mum we all came to cherish-Aunty Grace(May God Almighty console her and the children). My love for the family continued and even after Elder retired, he still enquired about people’s welfare and celebrated our successes if he learnt of them. The late Elder Anyim Ude lived by example . One cannot help but be well behaved around him and for every time one gets disciplined, he ensured one knew what brought about the punishment. He helped greatly in molding my work life..Thank you Sir. It is so sad that he is no longer with us but left indelible footprints on the planet Earth. To dear Auntie Grace, Nnenna, Nnanna, Chi-Chi, Emeka, Ngoo and Junior, may the Holy Spirit comfort you all. May the soul of our departed hero, Late Elder Anyim Ude rest in perfect peace.

Pastor Mrs Carol Nelson-Atuonwu
Public Servant at Office of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation Friend of the Family

I was saddened by the loss of Daddy, we fondly call him. He was a great man who loved everyone. I remembered the very first time I met him, such a peaceful man. He was a man among men, a kind and honest man. a true gentleman, he always put others before himself. He was an angel to all of us. I thank God for the legacy he left behind, may his memory be eternal. Stay strong Anty Ngozi you are in my prayers. Extending my deepest sympathies. May the soul of Senator Elder Anyim Ude true the mercy of God rest in perfect peace. AMEN.

Chinenye Elem Nnachi
Student Councilor at AGON Place Limited, FCT, Abuja Friend of the Family

Daddy I got the news of your transition to eternal glory with mixed feelings. On one hand, it is an unquestionable appointment with our maker, God. On the other, was the initial difficulty faced in accepting that your appointed time of rest was on that 15th day of May 2023. If men had a choice it would have been preferred that you be alive to continue your global representation of fatherhood, unbeatable excellent values, personified leadership qualities and consistent godly teachings. In the course of your human oriented administration as a Senator in the 6th Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, representing Ebonyi South, you saw the need to alleviate the sufferings of many families. One of your strategies in this regard was the staging of scholarship scheme in favour many undergraduates of Ebonyi State. Being a functionary of the Committee you formed to administer the scholarship scheme, I observed that you passionately approved and disbursed funds/tuition to students from Ebonyi State. By this act of yours and in collaboration with your wife, Mummy International, Elder Mrs. Grace O. Anyim Ude JP, burdens of many homes were lifted. Youths who would have been academic dropouts were firstly rescued and secondly availed the opportunities that left them in elevated position. Others fetched their means of livelihood, via employment offered through your kind referral. Daddy, your philanthropic disposition was brought to bear, spicing your environment all through your sojourn on earth. Time and facilities may be insufficient to put them down because they amount to volumes. However, I trust that the pleasant fire you already ignited will flourish, considering the children you brought up. You will always be remembered by the broadcast media, the political class, the church, Ebonyi State, Nigeria and the larger society etc. May the God of grace, grant you eternal rest in His bosom.

Ama Omaha
Registry - Head, Senate Affairs Unit at Alex Ekwueme Federal University Ndufu-Alike (AE-FUNAI), Ebonyi State Friend of the Family

The dancer has performed, the applause was overwhelming; he bows and takes his leave. But he is to be reckoned with because his dancing steps were unique. The above bespeaks eloquently about our elder statesman, Senator Elder Anyim Chukwu Ude, in his journey through life. He started in a humble beginning and at the end climbed to the pinnacle of society and national reckoning all by dint of hard work and diligent service. Senator Elder Anyim Chukwu Ude, started life as a journalist, a reporter, reporting about others but ended up being reported, being a news maker! From the lowest rung of journalism ladder in the former East Central State Broadcasting Service, he rose to the position of Director General of Imo Broadcasting Service, General Manager of Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria, Owerri; Director General of Broadcasting Corporation of Abia State, Umuahia; and Director-General of Ebonyi Broadcasting Corporation. Having conquered the broadcasting industry, as it were, he veered off into public service as Commissioner for Commerce and Industry in Ebonyi State and capped it all as an elected Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria representing Ebonyi South Senatorial Zone from 2007 to 2011. He was also a ruling elder of the Presbyterian Church of Nigeria. In all these positions, Senator Elder Anyim Chukwu Ude was a thorough, meticulous, painstaking and courageous personality who never shied away from responsibilities. He was a colossus, a titan, an icon and pacesetter who will be greatly missed. But his legacies and achievements are glaring and speak for him. I encourage the family to maintain and sustain these qualities he was known for so that his name will continue to resonate in the memories of people and humanity. I also pray God to give members of the Late Senator Elder Anyim Ude the fortitude to endure the irreparable loss and for God to grant his soul eternal rest in His bosom. Once again, accept my heart-felt condolences.

Hon. Darlington O. Okereke
Honourable Federal Commissioner at Presidency, National Population Communication Friend of the Family

Daddy is being celebrated today even as we mourn his passing. He was an exemplary family man, leader and above all a towering inspiration. This is a huge loss. May his wonderful soul continue to rest in peace. Amen.

Dr. Chidi Zelatus Okoro
Medical Doctor at Gauteng Department of Health, Johannesburg, South Africa Friend of the Family

Your death is a Great loss not only to Akaeze Community but to the entire Ebonyi State and Federal Government of Nigeria. But as" death is made inevitable which must come when it will come according to Williams Shakespeare ", but it is also a trend through which we all path to return to Our Great Merciful Lord, I pray God to Crown the return of the soul of late senator Anyim Ude Eternal Rest in His Bosom, Amen! Adieu Senator Anyim Ude ! Adieu Okemini !Adieu My In-law! Adieu NWA ADA Iketaku ! Till we meet to part no more!

Igwe Joseph
Civilian staff of Nigerian Airforce at Nigerian Airforce, Bill Clinton Drive, Airforce Base Abuja. Family